Gozaru Summoner (ござるサマナー Gozaru Samanā) is a summoner of Freedom.[1]


Gozaru Summoner always wears a Gozaru Samurai costume.[1]


He has been described as quite skilled, but extremely capricious.[1]


Light Novel Volume 04Edit

Gozaru Summoner was one of the summoners who noticed Kyousuke trying to flee with the White Queen.[2]

He was also one of the summoners present at the junk food restaurant where Kyousuke met with Mika Himekawa.[1]


Gozaru Summoner is a bizarre summoner who always wears a Gozaru Samurai costume. He is known for being quite skilled but extremely capricious. His Award level is unknown because adding up all of his past exploits within all three major powers provided a sum that exceeds 1000. It is rumored that he's not a single person and that multiple people take turns wearing the costume.[1]


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